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Miranda July and Lila Yomtoob have something in Common

This makes me

I was informed that Miss July and I both had short films in the same program in the 1999 Hi Lo Film Festival.

I also found out that she is responsible for Miss Moviola. Long ago I went to a Miss Moviola screening at Void in NYC and I did a video confessional for her. She set up a video camera in the bathroom, and invited people to tell a secret.

I admitted that I was taught that when you are sick, you shouldn't take a shower. That day I was a bit feverish, but I guess I really wanted to take a shower, contrary to my upbringing. I must have been particularly dirty. Well, I took a shower and I felt better! Imagine that!

Then, the other day, someone compared High Life and Me and You and Everyone You Know. I'm not sure how they compare exactly, it was a second hand story.

Regardless, that is a comparison I can hang with!

And also you know what else? Miranda July and I were both interviewed by The SFist. And I think we are the same age.

By the way, if anyone wants to get me a gift, please get me a ))<>(( forever t-shirt
(green, large) as a gift, I would be into that.

I'm really happy that she is doing her thing and that people are noticing. And her work is good and interesting. And if somehow somewhere we are ending up at all in the same spheres, I feel like I am doing the right thing.

Layover Report

I am in the airport in Portland Oregon for 3 more hours, waiting for my connecting flight to Boise Idaho.

On my way to Boise.

I thought this would be the perfect oppurtunity to report:

Max Faugno (Bosco) is going to be on the big screen and the small screen this weekend! Not only is High Life playing in two cities, but on Friday night he also will be on Malcolm in the Middle.

Sharon Eisman (Maya) was recognised in New York by some tourists. A couple approached Sharon, telling her she looked familiar. When they disclosed that they were from San Francisco, she mentioned the SF Indiefest screening. Lo and Behold! They were at the Roxie screening.


Screening info

Here is the screening info for Montreal and Idaho:

Pop Montreal
Saturday October 1st
5:00 pm
Le Cabinet
3810 St-Laurent

Idaho International Film Festival
Friday September 30th
The Flicks Theater
646 Fulton Street

Sunday October 2nd
12 noon
Boise Center on the Grove
850 W. Front Street


Idaho schedule sneak peak

I just got an e-mail from Idaho International with the schedule for the fest. They are actually playing high life 2 times during one weekend! I might have to miss the screening of my own film so I can go see The Taste of Tea, an awesome, very long, japanese movie that is playing at the same time as High Life.

Lets hope Taste of Tea comes out on DVD in the states.

I am going to go look on line for it now!

I can't wait to learn about all the movies that are playing at Idaho and Montreal too!

I noticed that Architecture in Helsinki is playing at Pop Montreal on Oct 2, and at Warsaw in Blyn on Oct 3.

Trailers Up!

Look! Look! The high life trailer is on the high life website.


Oh the excitement!

Today I am on the SFist! There is a big picture of me and an interview. Thanks SFist! Just in time for the film festival excitement too!

I was so happy today that I danced around my room while listening to:

Proud Mary (Tina and Ike Turner)
Stoned Love (The Supremes)
All n my grill (Missy Elliott and MC Solaar)

On Sept 29, I will be flying to Boise Idaho to show High Life at The Idaho International Film Festival.

Then, on Oct 1, I will fly to Montreal, and hopefully make it just in time for the Q/A at Pop Montreal Music/Film Fest

Early Adopter's on the case

So, cool stuff - soon (like, maybe next week) on the
High Life website:

a trailer! courtesy of Seth Owen and Automatic Vaudeville

A press page that has our very nice Variety review on it!

And finally, text on the Character page! This would be character bios, a little fodder for those of you who find the character development of High Life engrossing.

A major shout out to my main webdude early adopter for taking care of all this stuff.