night and day sweatshops

Making Things.


screening reaction

it was so good
no one moved a muscle
while the movie played.
one man looked into my eyes after
in a way
i hope i never forget
that look.


what i'll say

to introduce the screening
the 10 year gershwin story
thank neke and michael and the gershwin
thank the cast and crew that are there
thank the audience for coming
say that there will be a q/a after
remind the audience that these are trained actors
explain a bit about how the film was made?
mailing list, buttons, drinks after (should I say this after q/a?)

print out this list.

last night

last night I had a few conversations about this upcoming screening
that is today
one was soooo negative
when i told a friend about the negativity
he said
its a reminder from god
about how not to think.
thanks chris.


i make these handmade business cards
it might be time to move onto printed matter
i want a card like the guy in the movie american psycho
the perfect font

the perfect stock

gross and exciting


yesterday i wanted to nap all day.
I took two naps.
today dont want to nap.
I just want to drink coffee and eat cigarettes.
(Lila! Thats gross!) I mean smoke cigarettes.

Why do I still sleep on the floor?
At least I have cute sheets.
Maybe I"ll go shopping if I have a few hours to kill. And get a treat from Sweet Melissa
a bakery in my neighborhood.

check tape

i got a new mini dv master of the movie
so i had to check it.
The reds are a little hot
but you never know what the projector
is going to do to the image anyways.
Since I dont have a millions
or people working for me
I've learned not to fuss too much.
There are some things you cant control.
In fact you cant control most things.
And sometimes thats great.


the button maker
in all her glory.
It feels like an old fashioned machine
and I like that.


Originally uploaded by low rent princess.

i made a 120 buttons to give away at the gershwin screening. there are 8 different scenes from high life on the buttons.


what i meant to do, what i did

today i meant to:

make business cards
make buttons
send out e-mail reminders
go to a reading of Betty's screenplay
see loudquietloud (doc about the pixies)

whaat i did:

screenplay reading
flirted with the pizza man

but now i will

send out e-mail reminders
go see loudquietloud

i feel very relaxed.
but not very accomplished!



i was asked by ms. oshare neko to blog about getting ready for the screening on May 9. So entries will show up probably here, maybe on headphonerecord and maybe on fecalface..