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New York Cinema Market

Tomorrow "High Life" will be screening at the New York Cinema Market. Its the first year of the market, who's mission is "to provide filmmakers a forum where they can present their next film project to non-traditional financing sources that include bankers, hedge fund executives."

I was contact out of the blue a few months ago by Paul Chau, the founder of the NYCM. We went out to lunch and he had really good advice about how to angle my new project for funding.He's a banker and a filmmaker aswell. He's really passionate about filmmaking and seemed really excited about the prospect of pairing up potential funding sources with uber-indie filmmakers.

Thanks Paul! I'm happy to have a banker who is also a filmmaker on my side.

High Life is one of 12 indie films that will be screened over 3 days at Anthology Film Archive as part of the New York Cinema Market.

High Life
Friday July 7
11:15 am
New York Cinema Market
The market runs for three days: July 7 - July 9
Anthology Film Archive
2nd Ave at 2nd Street

$35/day pass


Baghdad ER is a documentary directed by Jon Alpert produced by DCTV and HBO. Alpert, through his amazing reputation as a journalist, managed to get access to a U.S. military hospital out in Baghdad. The hospital mostly treats injured american soldiers but will also treat wounded Iraqis. The documentary does not make any political statements about the war. Its only makes a human statement. The doctors are brave. The soldiers are brave. People are dying. More soldiers are being sent home with amputations from this war than any other. In Baghdad ER, they dont just tell you these things, they show you these things.

Before starting this job, I was told that it was extremely graphic. I seriously thought about turning down the work because I have trouble watching violence. The documentary sounded important though. So now I am nominated for an emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming.

I have never been so fundamentally disturbed by a job. Its an amazing important work, and I am proud to be apart of it. It is very important that people, especially American people see this film. Since the civil war, we have not had war on american soil. Those of us who ar not shipped off to war, dont have much of an understanding of what it does to the people who fight.

Which reminds me, coincendentally, of a documentary my friend Victoria Mills is making. Its called "Hidden Battles." Its about the psychological effects of killing on front line soldiers around the world.


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nice if indiepix to mention High Life on thier blog...