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2x3 now available

Night and Day Sweatshops is proud to announce that "2x3: selected works by Lila Yomtoob" is now available on DVD. The dvd is ready but the cover art isnt. If you are itching to see it, drop me a line, and you'll get one without the fancy packaging. I'll let you all know via blog when the dvd looks pretty and nice.

2x3 includes 2 short video works and 3 short audio works:

"Movement in Three Parts: Abridged" (video)

"Bunny Love: Confession (no. 9 in the series 100 Short Films about Love)" (video)

"Documentary: Love Stories" (2 short audio pieces)

There is also a selction of photographs from "Trash Collection." Trash Collection" is an ongoing project of photographs of street trash.

if you want one, e-mail me at


The New Yorker: The Film File: Review: Kontroll (2005)

The New Yorker: The Film File: Review: Kontroll (2005)

Okay this is just a little piece of a 3 page review on Nimrod Antal's feature debut called "Kontroll."

"Kontroll" swept through the film festival ciruit, picking up several awards; it was also the largest grossing Hungarian film of 2003. It is, also, funny, thought provoking, and beautifully shot.

The super cool thing about this movie, on a personal note, is that the film's director, Nimrod, is an old friend from my high school days . We lost touch when he moved to Hungary, and I to New York, but were reunited when I luckily stumbled upon an ad for a screening at New Directors New Films.

Congratulations Nimrod, my hat goes off to you.

"Kontroll" is being distributed by ithink films, in LA and New York (and maybe more places too).

i am your consciousness

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It was lovely goofing off with Sharon Eisman (High Life) and Seth Owen of Montreal's own Automatic Vaudeville. We ate, then we drank, then we drank and ate some more. We walked a little too. And then I heard some really good stories, but I will not be the one to air out the dirty laundry!