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One A Day #4

pizza demolition
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when I tried to take a photo
of the pizza shop being demolished
a man came up to me
"can I help you with something?"
dont worry I"m not photographing the workers, I used to eat pizza here.
no more shitty delis
make room for the shiney expensive and new.
beloved new york.
i cant help but wonder what lou reed thinks of union square now.


one a day #3

she says with a serious face, "i try to have fun no matter what I am doing."
Originally uploaded by low rent princess.

she says with a serious face "i try to have a good vibe no matter what I am doing."


one a day #2

i think questioning is a creative act. so here is the question, and here is my answer. if you have a different answer, please share it.

q: what is the same about feeling too close and feeling too far away?

a: either way you are lost. a sense of self is compromised.

Also when you are really close to some one or something, you are inevitably very far away from some one/thing else.


one a day

dear blog-o-sphere,

Between working at my job and working on "projects" that move at a snails pace and socializing to keep my sanity, i am begining to feel less of an artist and more of "caught in the new york hamster wheel."

So to break it up a little, I am going to try to do one small creative act a day, and post it here on the nds blog.

So here goes.

An observation, from last night:

bright orange hair and matching shoelaces
a transexual eats a mango on the E train to Brooklyn
She gives a homeless guy an apple and a smile
and slurps a slice off the knife.