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A Very Special Video Collaboration

The Wild Horse Society is video collaboration made up of two lady horses, Lila Yomtoob and Nathalie Roland.

Yomtoob lives in New York and made a feature film, High Life. She partakes in a lot of other activities, and likes bunnies and surf movies.

Roland is a printmaker and dj who lives in San Francisco and never made a video until she joined Wild Horse Society. She likes cookies.

Back in the day, as young horses, Roland and Yomtoob would spend many hours at Kinko’s making art out of photocopies. They have remained friends ever since, and cherish this opportunity to collaborate once again.

Wild Horse Society will run through mid March 2007 and is sponsored in part by The San Mateo Ecovillage Videoblogger in Residence Program, dedicated to social change.

You can view our videos at:

We are keeping another blog, that is of our creative process. So if you are interested to see the inner workings of wild horses, look at:

We hope that you stay tuned to the Wild Horse Society. The easiest way to keep track of us, is to add our blog(s) to your RSS Reader.

If you would like to set up an RSS reader, we wrote a simple tutorial. You will find it on this blog.

If you like what you see, we encourage you to pass the videos around to friends, repost them, and write us little notes in the comments area of the b-l-o-g.

Thanks For Reading,
Wild Horse Society


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