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one a day #5

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i went to a deli to buy my self a chocolate bar.

a drunk crazy man insisted he buy it for me. he might have been homeless too.

he was so proud of his crisp twenty dollar bill

I was scared. I said thank you. I couldn't look him in the eye

We all need to do something nice for someone else sometimes I guess.

Shout outs

to Martin McDonough for winning an Academy Award for his short film "Six Shooter," and to Matt Galkin for directing a documentary about The Pixies premiering at SxSW this week.


One a day #5

i wrote a poem about an old friend. i think its good, but i also think its too private. as in - if he ever found it online he might be upset. i did that last night.

i also have something else that i have to post but havent had a chance. hopefully i will post it over the weekend.

i also did some painting last night.

yay the return of creativity. Through One a Day. Maybe I can write a self help book!