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notes on a first draft

On July 26th I had the pleasure of writing "the end." Life is a miracle! I sat with the gratifying feeling and savoured it. I did not share it with anyone, because that would only dilute this passion that I wanted to last forever. And now its time to read all 67 pages of this bad girl, without too much judgement, since it is still a child! She doesnt know any better then to be overly dramatic or inconsistent. Of course, she cannot be born and be expected to take care of herself! So with compassion, I read the first draft.


this blog

dear friends of night and day sweatshops

something exciting has happened. I have a website now.

Its the kind of fancy website that I can update like a blog. a blogsite? It's got videos on there and other goodies too.

so what i am trying to say is that I wont be using this blog anymore. All news and exciting things will be posted to

which is RSS readable, by the way!

on the "contact" page of the site there is a mailing list form. Please sign up! that way I can tell you about things! When you fill out the form, you will get an e-mail. You can to click on a link in that e-mail in order to confirm that you've signed up for the list. So dont forget to check your junk mail if you dont see it!