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jeff ross is a kick ass renegade and tod booth was very happily drunk tonight

I'm really behind on writing, so things are not really chronological here.

A few days ago I met jeff ross, who is the festival director.
It didnt take long to get the niceties out of the way before we got to the nitty gritty:
He told me about his vintage car, his dog (who he hadnt seen for days because he's been working so hard), burning man stories (he has worked on the "mad max like geodesic dome") and burning bush (where it's still okay to carry a gun). When I told him that I was afraid of burning man because it sounds like it's a bunch of naked people on acid, he asssured me that most of the naked people are good looking, and that there is a "pants slingshot" that will throw a pair of pants your way if indeed you should be wearing them.


The Made in Secret folks had taken Tod Booth, one of the festival programmers, out drinking so he was happy and warm and toasty by the time I saw him. Tod was very sincere when he talked about Made in Secret, which seems like it's a personal favorite of his. I can't wait to see it myself!

Tod also generously informed me that alot of people are saying good things about High Life, and that he hopes to see it himself on Sunday evening.

shiiiiiiit. As sincere (yes, Tod is sincere enough to use the same adjective twice) as he was about this, I think it is best to try to keep my two feet on the ground and swallow a few grains of salt.


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