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1st screening @ the roxie: second impression

To be honest,

beofre the first screening of High Life, I did everything I could to remain calm. I took Kava Kava, I took deep breaths. I drank some whiskey.

Until I drank the wiskey, I felt like I didnt have control over my bodily funtions. I was worried I was going to shit myself, vomit of hyperventilate.

It didnt help that at every chance he got, my father reminded me that it was Superbowl Sunday, and that that people might not come. Thanks Abe.

I turned off my cell phone, and gained control.

People came to see the movie! yay! There were a good amount of people there, and only 2 older women walked out.

The audeience really reacted to the film, and many stayed for the Q/A. Bruce Fletcher, the programmer who lead the Q/A, was very sincere in his questions and compliments of the film.

Bruce had noticed that the copyright on the film is 2003, and he wondered what has been going on with the project since then. This was the most difficult question to answer, since in my mind, it addresses my failure as a producer. I told him that I did my best to get it out there, with cold calling, sending out festival submission, and that I just didnt have any luck.

Audience members wanted to know things like: the logistics of the making of the film, how the actors were cast, what Stella's character background is, if I've ever thought of directing theater...stuff like that.

It was great to have Sharon Eisman and Michael Wiener with me, I think we all enjoyed the positive attention we recieved.

I've relaxed since we've had the first screening, and in fact I'm a little sick (it's going around). I'm not as nervous about screening #2, which rivals the closing night film.


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