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San Francisco is beautiful

Dear San Francisco,

You are beautiful. Do you think someone in San Francisco would want to give me a job so I can stay here?

Brooklyn is cool and everything, but yesterday me and Nathalie walked from the panhandle to Baker Beach, and wow! Thank you for the t-shirt wearing weather, and for Joe's Ice Cream on Geary Street. And of course for the park and the beautful beach.

Today I am going to go put posters and flyers for High Life around the mission district. Hopefully I won't get to distracted by you, San Francisco. I need to get some work done around here too, ya know!


Tonight is, yes, the opening night of Indiefest. It is a good thing I have a blog now, since I feel like an adolescent girl going to a school dance!

If you click on San Francisco is Beautiful, the link will take you to headphone record, which belongs to a friend of mine named Nathalie Roland, who is a printmaker, and a dj. She is playing with Scrabbel tonight and tomorrow night (vocals and xylaphone), she hosts "headphone record" on (more on that later), and she will be in the upcoming Poketo show in LA (more on that later too).

Sorry I'm not blog savvy enough to link all this stuff individually. yet.


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