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Bruce Fletcher is Nice, and so is Alicia and Fay

Bruce Fletcher is the programmer for Indiefest. I saw him standing on the street talking to no one, and since I had taken Kava Kava, I wasn't too nervous to approach him and say hi.

He told me wht he programmed High Life in the festival. His story went something like this:

I watch High Life
And I was walking down the street thinking about it.
And then the next day, I was walking down the street, thinking about it.
And then the third day I was still walking around thinking about it.

I couldn't get it out of my head! so I put it in the festival.

Thanks Bruce!

Alicia must be a co-ordinator of some sort. She gave me my all access festival pass. She is really friendly and helpful, even though she has a lot to do.

Fay approached me boldly at the Big Labowski Party: "Are you a filmmaker?!" She is our hospitality contact, and gave us free drink tickets.

Thanks Alicia abd Fay!

That party was pretty cool by the way. But I had to leave early due to "other commitments" (my legs weren't going to hold me up any longer.


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