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On the radio! Part 1

KALX Radio: 90.7fm Berkeley

Our man Chris Wiggum, who is the Associate in Larsen Associates, the PR company for Indiefest, was kind enough to drive Sharon Eisman and I to Berkeley today for a stint on the KALX show "Film Close Ups" with Greg Sharpen.

For a New Yorker l ike myself, being in a car is novel enough. Greg invited us to pick out music selections from to KALX library to play during the show. I literally got dizzy looking at all of the cds. I didnt even know how to look through the LPs, so when I had an idea for a song that I couldnt find on cd, Greg would look through the records for me, with ease and familiarity.

I picked out:

Peggy Lee - Fever
Ricky Lee Jones - Chuck E's in love
Cornelius- Brasil (this is still stuck in my head)
Fourtet- My angel rocks back and forth

Greg didn't ask too many straight forward questions, which kind of threw me off, but he engaged us in a dialogue, and I got used to his style. He was interested in our filmmakking and rehearsal process and how it compared to experimental film and theater.

It was really great to have Sharon along, because she was really good at addressing some of his points. I think we played off each other well. Damon and Nathalie recorded it for me, so one of these days I'll have a listen, or post some of it here or on the High Life Website.


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