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learning to blog

It turns out that learning to use this blog thing is a little more complicated than expected. Writing isn't a problem, but linking pictures as well as having links come up in the "links" area on the sidebar is. So please excuse me while I get my shit together on the blogging frontier.

The photos you see below had some text with them, but who knows where the text went. The photos are of a few sweatshop workers (oops, I mean friends) diligently pitching in by offering free labor for junk food. I am getting ready to go to the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, and what you see is:

Katherine Making Buttons

Caitlin stuffing press kits, Sharon burning CDs

and some stuff on the table.

Thanks to Sweatshop Workers from day 1 - Lidia Tamplenizza and Joshua Koffman (no photos, sorry!) and from day 2 - Sharon Eisman, Caitlin Dover, and Katherine Miller.


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