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I've started to throw away papers. This involves looking through papers. Alot of papers from alot of years. In alot of different boxes.

First I went through a fat folder called "film resources." I probably have not looked through this folder in 4-6 years. In this folder there were handouts from college: guerilla filmmaking, the robert rodriguez 7,ooo dollare film, conceptual art, the deliverables process. Sample budgets and contracts I've swiped from different places I worked. Pricelists for places that don't exist any more. And in that, a little piece of paper advertising the Little Miss Moviola video. Wow! I said! I kept the little neon pink slip, as well as the handout on conceptual art.

Then I went directly to a different file cabinet and pulled out a slim folder that was unlabeled. I had complied the contents of this folder about 15 months ago, when I put most of my personal belongings in storage (that's another story all together). This folder had miscellany in it. Postcards from a few films I worked on. A slip of paper with a doctors name on it. A coupon for contact lenses. A photograph I look. And Yes, a little slip of paper advertising Little Miss Moviola.

It must have been 1998 when I saw Little Miss Moviola.

When I put my things in storage I must have gone through my papers and pulled one of the little slips out, as a reminder. "Yes, this was a cool thing a girl was doing with movies." "Yes, there are cool girls doing things with movies."

Little did I know that that cool girl made that cool movie called "me and you and everyone we know." that's what someone told me at least.

I thought this was serendipitous enough to write here.

May we all have good creative karma.


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