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Day 1: SF --> Boise

Day 1


I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to head to the airport. My cab driver was a sweet old guy, but when I told him I made a movie, he got so interested, that he stopped looking at the road. I tried to not talk to him - I was tired and still drunk from the farewell drinks the night before and didn’t have much energy to speak; I also felt it would be bad timing for a car accident and that he should keep his eyes on the road.

I arrived in Boise around 2:30 in the afternoon. I had a three hour layover in Portland, which wasn’t too bad. They’ve got bamboo in the airport! And art by high school kids! I flew on little mini airplanes, which I love. It brings me closer to the feeling of flying.

Bruce Fletcher, the Director of Boise International picked me up from the airport. I also met Brian Stockton at that point. The airline had lost Brian’s luggage, which contained all the equipment for the animation workshop he was conducting at the festival. Oops!

Boise is desert. I didn’t know this. Did you know this? Bruce said that they have mud storms there.

The Grove Hotel is a nice big hotel where men in suits stay. I was psyched to see that my room was very nicely decorated with huge pillows on the bed. A marble bathroom. And Bathrobes. The bathrobe was the best. I felt very taken care of!

Soon after I arrived there was a schmooze session. I attended but was very tired. Every once in a while I understand why film people get hooked on cocaine, and this moment was one of them. There was no way I was going to conduct an interesting conversation in my state.

The opening night film was really great. "Hank Williams First Nation" takes place on a native canadian reservation. It’s a very sensative film with some good humor in it. The filmmaker, Aaron James Sorenson, took an amazing leap of faith and persued self distribution around Canada. And it worked! Now he is making a movie with Hollywood, and Canadian TV has asked him to continue the story of the film over 6 tv episodes. I briefly met the filmmaker at the after-after party, and he seems like a smart, passionate and humble guy. Hats off to Aaron James Sorenson.

At the opening night Gala I also met Vladamir Vitkin and Helmut Gausterer, fresh off three days on the road from LA. Vladamir and Helmut made a movie called "X,Y" that screened at SF Indiefest. Michael Wiener met Vladamir there and they have since kept in touch. What a small world huh? We drank and smoked and ate chorizo on the street, while I was pleasantly entertained by their dynamic.


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