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reluctant to report good news

It seems that I have no problem writing about my rejections, but when it comes to good news, I have trouble putting it on paper.

I guess it's becasue bad news generally feels final, and good news feels quite tentative. In a way, I dont want to jinx myself.

While at lunch with a long lost director friend, he disclosed to me "they are only nice when there is business to be had. be careful."

So the good news is that maybe, the film and me are on the road to being viable.

Because after a correspondance with a well known director that i met on the job, she suggested i speak to a few particular publicists.

Not only do they want to see High Life, but one of them has forwarded my info to the US rep for Cannes.

All I can glean from this activity, is that they think there is enough potential to spend an hour and a half of their lives watching the movie. They are doing their jobs well.

So that is the good news, couched in my anticipation of disappointment. But its good! Because at least now, people are being nice.


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