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A Cautionary Tale a.k.a The nicest rejection letter EVER

I received a very lovely e-mail from a festival programmer this evening. I am printing the e-mail here (minus the names of the fest and the programmer) because it is important to think that for every rejection you receive, some one may be thinking the same thing about your work:

Dear Lila,
I wanted to send you a personal note to let you know the film did not make it into the Festival. Sadly I could not get everyone to agree on the film and it is what makes being a program director for festivals like this so hard at times when I really believe in a picture but I get voted down. I have been programming festivals for over 11 years and will continue to do so and want to make sure you know that I admire your work. I think you did an amazing job as did the actors and I look forward to seeing your career flourish. I'm sorry I'm unable to screen your film but I look forward to hopefully showing your work somewhere in the future.

Festival Programmer.


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