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Automatic Vaudeville

Automatic Vaudeville Studios

I was so lucky to make the acquaintance of a few young men who call themselves "Automatic Vaudville Studios" while camping out at SF Indiefest.

What should you know about these young lads? The live in Montreal, they dress very well, they've been working together for 6 years and they make one movie a week.

Yes, one movie a week (thats what they say at least!)

They're mocumentary "The Recommendations" played at SF indiefest. It seems easy for mocumentary to go awry, but the level of detail and creativity in the work reminded me of Christopher Guest's movies "Best in Show" and "Waiting for Guffman."

They've got at least 15 characters in the movie, the most central being this mentally ill writer Gordon Gary Ross, who accuses another writer, Phillip Swan, of plagiarism. When Gordon sends some dancing thugs to beat the crap out of Swan, some pretty intense violence ensues.

At which point this mocumentary becomes very human. An unexpected twist that took me a while to respond to.

Happily, Automatic vaudeville sent me off with a DVD of some of their other work, which is also sharp and funny.


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