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San Mateo Ecovillage Video Blogger in Residence

You got it. I am on the west coast until Mid March, making short videos and posting them on a blog.

I am working on these videos with Nathalie Roland. Nathalie is an outstanding visual artist, a dj, and a great friend of many years. The videos are centered around positive social change.

San Mateo is 20 miles from San Francisco, on "the peninsula" aka "silicon valley" ( i think).

I am living on an ecovillage (photos to come). An ecovillage is an "intentional community" where there is a conscious effort to be as green and sustainable as possible. We share a meal a week together, work in the garden and do property maintenance together, and help eachother out when we can.

Needless to say this is very different then my life in nyc. It is a huge shift when you take into consideration that I am living - on an ecovillage - in the suburbs - with no car.

Thankfully I have a bike.

Our vlog (thats short for videoblog) is called Wild Horse Society. More on that in a few days..


  • At 11:22 AM , Blogger Cecile Andrews said...

    Is there a contact for the San Mateo Ecovillage? We've never heard of it but have an Ecovillage here in Seattle and know of Oakland and L.A. Ecovillages. Is San Mateo new? This is an exciting development that we'd like to know more about!

  • At 7:29 PM , Blogger low rent princess said...

    the website for the ecovillage is:


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